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Midwest Agriculture Showcase

Experience a world-class migration in the middle of the USA

Day 1

Stuhr Museum | 3133 W. U.S. Hwy 34, Grand Island, Nebraska 68801

Start your migration experience with the Wings Over the Platte art exhibit and lunch at the beautiful Stuhr Museum. This renowned living history museum hosts Wings Over the Platte, showcasing art themed around the Platte River valley. While at the museum, you can watch videos about the crane migration and take part in behind-the-scenes tours of the museum archives and 150,000-piece collections building.

Driving Tour with Step-on Guide

Next, you’ll hit the road with a local guide who will take you through areas where the Sandhill Cranes feed during the day. If the cranes aren’t too full from feasting on grain and grubs, you may catch them dancing to impress their future lifemate. And, maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a glimpse of an endangered Whooping Crane. 

Crane Trust Nature and Visitor’s Center  |  9325 S Alda Rd, Wood River, NE 68883

At the Crane Trust and Visitors Center, you’ll learn more about the 1 million bird crane migration that draws visitors from around the world. At the Crane Trust, you’ll hear about how conservation efforts help make this spot on the Platte the ideal resting place for the long crane migration. 

At dusk, an up close and personal view of the cranes will be the highlight of your visit. You’ll see and hear the birds fly in for their overnight stay from the Crane Trust's blinds on the river. They are a talkative bunch.

The evening will be capped off with dinner at Kinkaiders Brewing Company. Located in a grand old bar that once housed a theater, it will seem like a throwback to a different era. The locally brewed beer and delicious food will make for a great end to the day.

Day 2

The Chocolate Bar  | 116 W. 3rd St., Grand Island, Nebraska 68801

Coffee, breakfast, and the pleasant environment of The Chocolate Bar will get you ready for your next day of travel. If you want, we can invite a local story teller, photographer, or historian to join you for one last experience in downtown Grand Island before you set out for your next destination.

Explore Grand Island, Nebraska