• A soft winter blanket
    A soft winter blanket

    A good snowfall insulates the world, and everything seems to slow down and be slightly more at peace.

  • Brilliant all year round
    Brilliant all year round

    Sunsets in central Nebraska are brilliant all year round. Here, nature photographer Rick Rasmussen captured a stunning river scene.

  • Strap on your winter gear
    Strap on your winter gear

    Winter is no reason to stay inside here in Grand Island! Dig out your snowshoes or skis and head out to the prairie. Photo courtesy of Steve White.

  • Colors stand out
    Colors stand out

    In this Rick Rasmussen photo, the brightness of a bluebird stands out against a wintry backdrop.

  • Keeping warm
    Keeping warm

    Activities don't disappear during the colder months. Here, an interpreter at Stuhr Museum stokes the stove.

Winter: No reason to stay inside

Nebraska winters are cold, snowy and beautiful. Whether it's glistening frost clinging to the cottonwoods or a fresh foot of snow quietly insulating the prairie, winter is no reason to stay away from Grand Island.

Festive Christmas events are abundant in the early months of this season.

Hunting for deer or pheasant out on the prairie is another popular pastime. Snowshoeing or cross country skiing are options at places like Hall County Park and the Crane Trust Nature & Visitor Center. Birdwatching is a must in the winter. Cardinals are brilliant against snowy backdrops and the Sandhill Cranes begin arriving on their spring migration in February.

Come and watch the Nebraska Danger indoor football team when their season starts in February. Truly adventurous and hardy winter souls won’t miss the Polar Bear Tank Race down the Loup River along the Loup Rivers Scenic Byway.

Average Winter High: 32° Fahrenheit
Average Winter Low: 12° Fahrenheit