• The Swiss Baker
    The Swiss Baker

    Swiss baking comes to central Nebraska via Doniphan's downtown.

  • Swiss Sunday Bread
    Swiss Sunday Bread

    Breads, rolls, pizzas for lunch alongside unique creations beautifully fill the cases of this little bakery.

  • Swiss Native
    Swiss Native

    The owner of the shop is a native of Switzerland. She started baking after moving abroad and missing the flavors of European bread.

Authentic European Bakery

Doniphan resident Nadine Jungen, a Swiss native, moved to Nebraska five years ago from Brazil when her husband took a job at Chief Industries. While living in Brazil, Jungen owned and operated a pizza shop. She began baking in her home near Doniphan after moving to the United States, and eventually was fielding more requests than her personal kitchen could provide for, so she opened The Swiss Baker in 2015. 

What is unique about Swiss baking in comparison to other styles of baking? 

“What makes us unique compared to other bakeries is that we use European recipes and the taste is a little bit different ­— not so sweet but is richer in flavor. When you eat a fresh baked bread or a fresh baked hazelnut croissant, you can smell the freshness of all the ingredients.”

What is the most important aspect of baking?

“That it is made with heart every day, five days a week, made from scratch. It is a passion.”

Do you have a favorite kind of baked good to prepare? 

“I love to make the breads from scratch — actually, all of baked goods I do in the shop.”

Is there a really traditional Swiss food you’d love to add to the menu but are afraid locals might not be ready for?

“I think it is time to bring the people something new on their plate.Afraid — it’s not afraid, it is more figuring out what the customer likes to eat and also enjoys what we bake. Once a week we create something new and let the customers try it, let them tell us if they like it. Sarah [her employee] and I are flexible and open to creating new delicious baked goods. There is also a fun factor behind that; a challenge is maybe the better word for it.”