• A Year-Round Agriculture Experience
    A Year-Round Agriculture Experience

    Raising Nebraska is a 25,000 square foot agricultural attraction open year-round on the Nebraska State Fairgrounds.

  • Sprinkling Brightly
    Sprinkling Brightly

    Animated LED lighting was installed on the center pivot section to simulate the flow of water.

  • From Nebraska Farms to Family Forks
    From Nebraska Farms to Family Forks

    Visitors can walk on, sit in, decide at, and virtually control numerous interactive displays showing how family farms turn seed into feed, grain and biofuels.

  • A world leader in agriculture
    A world leader in agriculture

    Nebraska grows a lot more than corn and soybeans. Great northern beans, sugar beets, and sorghum are just a few examples of our state's other crops.

  • From Prairie Farms to Kitchen Cooks
    From Prairie Farms to Kitchen Cooks

    A commercial kitchen can be reserved for group tours, and tables set up for dining right in the exhibit.

What Nebraska does best

Raising Nebraska’s full-size section of a center pivot greets visitors, drawing their eyes down through the entire 25,000 square foot exhibit. To the right of the pivot, a seating area is dwarfed by its own skyward signage culminating in a bold, red “Nebraska” 30 feet up. One of ther staff's favorite parts of the Raising Nebraska agricultural experience is the Agri-House. It has the potential to surprise a lot of people who may not realize how many different products are a result of agriculture.

Regardless of where you live or what career path you choose in Nebraska, agriculture affects you. From the byproducts to the economy of Nebraska — which is very much an agriculture economy — it relates back to them. I hope visitors realize the magnitude of agriculture, whether it’s the manufacturing of our pivots, our tractors, the combines, to getting our food from those that raise it to our plate.

It’s not a static exhibit. Just because you visited during the last state fair doesn’t mean it will be the same next year.

Raising Nebraska is open to the public Monday-Friday from 9am-noon and 1pm-4pm.