History comes back to life

Need a new pair of boots for your work in the field? Looking for goodies to stuff Christmas stockings? Visit the Mercantile Emporium!

Come on by and buy!

Susan Kolbo is an interpreter in Railroad Town at Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer. In Railroad Town she is the proprietor of the General Mercantile Emporium, a job she absolutely loves.

The emporium is filled with items most general stores would have carried in the 1890s, from candies to boots, jewelry to sewing supplies, and hats to toys. Susan researches old catalogs to see what was commonly sold in the late Nineteenth Century and then finds comparable items she can stock on her shelves. She's commonly asked why prices on her items aren't the same as they would have been in 1893, to which she replies "I can't buy them wholesale anymore for those prices let alone sell them for pennies."

Take the time to visit Railroad Town this summer, or during one of Stuhr Museum's great annual events, and stop into the Emporium for a sour cherry ball.