Stuhr Seeking Photos For "Through The Visitor's Eyes"

Have you taken a great photo on the grounds of Stuhr Museum? We want you to enter it in the 9th annual "Through The Visitor's Eyes" photo contest. The show runs Sept. 15th - Nov. 4th and the deadline for submission is September 10th.

"Through The Visitor's Eyes" showcases our visitor's unique and interesting perspective on the museum. By seeing what makes Stuhr beautiful and unique through our visitor's eyes, we create one of the most interesting exhibits of the year. Plus, we show off the talent of our supporters. 

Twelve winners will be chosen for this exhibit in 12 categories including:

-Director's Choice
-Under 18
-Railroad Town
-Still LIfe
-Sepia/Black and White
-Stuhr Staff

Winners will be chosen and their photos will be placed in a calendar that will be sold at the Prairie Treasures Gift Shop. There is no entry fee for this show. For more information call the museum at (308) 385-5316 or email our curator Kari Stofer at