Nebraska State Fair Sets a New Attendance Record

The Nebraska State Fair’s 2017 attendance reached 379,108, which was 4.98% over
last year totaling just over 18,000 additional fairgoers. The number is the highest since
the State Fair moved to Grand Island in 2010 and even exceeds the 2009 figure in
Lincoln when folks said goodbye to the old fairgrounds.

State Fair executive director Joseph McDermott said, “This number is just 10,000 folks
shy of the all time high of 389,171 set in 1997. This is as much a positive endorsement
as you’ll find. We knew we were running steady in attendance, but it’s always great to
get the final figures and to know we chalked up some very high numbers. This brings
our eight-year total to 2,415,137.”

State Fair Board chair Chris Kircher said, “This exemplifies what a great job the State
Fair staff does in preparing, planning and executing Nebraska’s largest entertainment
event each year. With this one under our belts, we can get started planning for the
2018 event.”

“One of the things will be working to resolve are the issues that concertgoers
experienced this year,” Kircher said, “The long lines, security and line of sight issues will
be addressed and corrected for 2018. We always work off the input from fairgoers to
improve what we do from year to year.”

“Another number that we’re very proud of is that 88% of our fairgoers are likely or very
likely to recommend the Nebraska State Fair to others. This is our true indicator of the
overall state fair experience. It’s what we look at for overall customer satisfaction – and
judging by the number – we’re still delighting fairgoers from across the state,”
McDermott said.

The 2018 Nebraska State Fair will take place from August 24 through September 3.