The State Fair Welcomes “Truckin’ Through Nebraska” Children’s Museum

The Nebraska150 Celebration’s “Truckin’ Through Nebraska: A Mobile Children’s Museum” will be at the Nebraska State Fair August 25 through August 27 from 11am to 7pm each day. Admission is free.

First Lady Susanne Shore said, “We created the Mobile Children’s Museum to provide a fun, hands-on learning experience for children who may not normally be able to easily access a children’s museum. Through play, interactivity and the latest technology, Nebraska’s children will explore their heritage and envision their futures. We hope the experience will help power the imagination and create an excitement about learning.”

State Fair entertainment director, Chelsey Jungck, said “We are super excited to have this 53-foot, state-of-the-art, children’s museum on hand for our state’s 150th birthday party. A lot of people including Nebraska’s First Lady have made this their passion. It’s always exciting to see so many people in the state come together for a very worthwhile endeavor. It’s what the State Fair is all about.”

Nebraska150 Celebration Executive Director Regan Anson said, “We want to extend our sincere thanks to the Omaha Children’s Museum for partnering with us to build this amazing children’s museum experience. They do amazing work and are already featured at the Nebraska State Fair with their prehistoric underwater creature exhibit in the Nebraska Building.”

Interior exhibits include areas where kids will build shelters and test them in a wind chamber or earthquake simulator, design their own 10-acre homestead, test their knowledge of Nebraska and more. Exhibits also surround the exterior of the trailer, allowing for optimal play and learning space. Those exhibits will include a timed “chore” challenge obstacle course, foam block invention area, toy creation station and more.

The Nebraska State Fair runs from August 25 through September 4 in Grand Island.