Finding Fair Food Favorites Is Easier at the Nebraska State Fair

One thing is for certain, Fair Food remains in the top three reasons that people come to the Nebraska State Fair.

Jaime Parr, State Fair facilities director says, “Each year, our electronic surveys indicate that fair food is a primary reason folks come to the fair. They call it “grazing”, those folks who come to the fair every day to try something new. Let’s face it, it’s a guilty pleasure to dive into a deep fried morsel of goodness.”

“The even better news for our guests is that finding fairgoers favorite fair food will be made easier with our new search feature on the Electronic Kiosks located around the fairgrounds, “Parr said, “simply type in what you’re looking for, and the kiosks will show you where it is. So if you type in corn dog, the kiosk will show you every location that offers corn dogs.”

The kiosks will allow fairgoers to search for food, entertainment, commercial vendors for shopping and many other destinations that fairgoers are interested in. The kiosks will also feature information about the event or destination helpful to the fairgoer in planning their day.

The Nebraska State Fair has over 60 food vendors with every imaginable temptation. 2017 brings smoked meat loaf and cowboy mignon among the many new foods to try. Traditional favorites like hamburgers, corn dogs, funnel cakes, deep-fried Twinkies and the like still dominate the foodie landscape.

“While we always tout the more sinful choices, we should also mention that we have a great selection of healthy foods from our vendors”, Parr said, “And now with the electronic kiosks, it will make it easy to the find the exact meal fair fans are looking for.”

The Electronic Kiosks are located at locations both in and outside at the Nebraska State Fair. Fairgoers touch the screen to set it in motion and follow the prompts from there. Indoor Kiosks also allow fairgoers to take their photo and email it for friends or posting to social media.

The Nebraska State Fair runs from August 25 to September 4 in Grand Island.