Free Reception for Wings Over the Platte on Thursday

One of Stuhr Museum's longest running and most impressive art shows opens on Friday and Stuhr is hosting a free reception Thursday night.

The opening reception for "Wings Over the Platte" will run from 6-8 pm Thursday, February 9th in the Stuhr Building. The reception is a chance to preview "Wings Over the Platte" before the general public, meet some of the artists and experience one of the best art shows in the area. Refreshments will be served and the work of featured artist Kris Allphin will be exhibited in the main gallery.

Wings Over the Platte features art inspired by the Platte River's natural beauty, and inspiration for the show takes many forms. The featured artist this year is Kris Allphin and if you don’t know her work it’s definitely worth checking out. Allphin, who lives in Hastings, works in a medium known as Batik which is an “ancient, decorative art used to embellish textiles. The textiles or paper is immersed in a dye bath. Wax is applied to preserve the color. This process is repeated many times creating additional color combinations and detail.” The result is some truly outstanding work that will hang in the Stuhr Building during Wings Over the Platte.

In addition to Allphin's work on the main floor, the South Gallery upstairs will feature some fantastic artwork in a variety of styles and media. From photography to sculpture, realism to abstract and more, this year’s Wings Over the Platte features some truly stunning pieces and is worth the trip for both nature enthusiasts, art enthusiasts and everyone in between. This show also features a strong showing from local and regional artists.

For more information give us a call at (308) 385-5316 or log onto