Nebraska State Fair Carnival Brings New Rides

Wade Shows, the carnival midway provider for the Nebraska State Fair is bringing new rides this year to complement what many describe as an amusement park on wheels.

State Fair executive director, Joseph McDermott says, “As the number 3 carnival provider in the United States, according to Carnival Warehouse, Wade shows has consistently outdone themselves with rides, entertainment, games and food. We knew the first time we visited them, we wanted to form a long-lasting relationship. We have, and it continues to pay big dividends.”

“Landscaping, shaded areas for fair guests, clean and safe rides. They’re even working very hard to reduce their carbon footprint by going green in a number of areas with LED lighting on their rides, the most efficient generators money can buy and using biodiesel when available. These traits are important to all of us, and now they’re going to add to an already top notch midway with new rides,” McDermott said.

Frank Zaitshik, owner of Wade Shows says, “We have seen such tremendous growth over the past few years, we invested heavily in new rides for the Nebraska State Fair and other events, big and small, we’re privileged to play every year. I cannot tell you how successful our partnership with the Nebraska State Fair has been – it made perfect sense to make the additional investment to keep our Nebraska fair fans asking for more.”

New rides this year include:

Mighty Mouse – a large roller coaster -- with a twist!  As the cars travel around the track through twists and dips, the cars themselves spin as the ride progresses.  

Street Fighter Revolution -- The Street Fighter, with its iconic claw and high spinning arm was a midway staple for many years.  Now with the new Street Fighter Revolution, the ride takes you to a whole new level.  As the claw rocks back and forth, spinning high in the air, it is now able to take you "over the top" in a complete 360 degree rotation!  Only for the most daring, the Street Fighter Revolution is the latest in amusement thrills.

Jungle Twist – If the Mighty Mouse coaster is a little too much thrill for your younger children or even for Mom and Dad, the Jungle Twist, gives you the same sensation on a milder ride.  As the cars travel around the track, they spin around in a circle, giving the rider two actions at once.

The Puppy Roll – The newest addition to the spin ride family.  Like its cousins the strawberries and the bears, the large tubs spin around as the ride goes in a circle. The all new cars are shaped like Puppies and it adds a cute new dimension to the midway.

Rides for every member of the family from the Lil’ Pardner’s Kiddie Land, to thrill rides and spectaculars. Riders must meet height requirements.

McDermott said, “This is exactly what we expect from Wade Shows and I believe it’s the reason they’ve seen tremendous growth. Attention to detail in every facet of their operation is a hallmark that makes them so attractive to ride enthusiasts and their fair partners across the country.”

The Nebraska State Fair begins Friday and runs through Labor Day in Grand Island.