The Nebraska State Fair has Fun at Every Turn

The Nebraska State Fair invests over $1 million in entertainment each year. This is significant because a large portion is spent on grounds and strolling entertainment. Entertainment, that for the price of admission, is free to watch and enjoy again and again.

Chelsey Jungck, director of events and entertainment says, “We are committed to our over 300,000 guests each year, to deliver family focused fun around every corner. We pride ourselves on producing a fair that is wholesome for every family member, and yet, a great deal of fun for no additional investment beyond gate admission.”

“Rock-It the Robot will be returning this year as will the EleFun! Elephant Show. Time tested favorites like Hedrick’s Racing Pigs and Around the World in One Display animal zoo will also be returning.” Jungck says, “Folks are always asking what the new entertainment will be, and we work very hard in developing a well rounded program each year.”

SwashChucklers! Comedy Pirate Show – Go sailing on a comedy treasure cruise with the blundering buccaneers of SwashChucklers Comedy Pirate Show. From one-liners and seaworthy sight gags, folks will enjoy the laugh-a-minute show every day at the fair.

Stilt Circus – Delighting audiences on multiple continents with their surreal blend of dazzling crowd interaction and feats of skill, you will see both the long and short of a great performance with the Stilt Circus.

Bobbie the Barker – Join Bobbie each afternoon as the State Fair’s official “Barker on a Stick”. See if you can figures out how it’s done. This half person is a whole lot of fun.

Cirque Mechanics Trike – A roving curiosity that will bring an element of athleticism and wonder as one performer powers the “Trike” while the other performs feats of acrobatics.

Galaxy Girl – Over 80 feet in the air with no safety nets or devices, Galaxy 
Girl performs a number of death defying stunts before your very eyes.

Jungck says, “We also have Scott’s Future of Magic Show, Farmer Bob and Farmer Phil, the Nowear BMX Stunt Team, the Disc-Connected K9’s and Molodi.”

“Ahh, Molodi,” Jungck says, “a performance ensemble that takes body percussion to the extreme. Stepping, clapping, singing, snapping, beat-boxing and tapping to the beat of a powerful performance. I can’t wait for fairgoers to see what this group can do.”

“When we say the Fun is in the Fair, you’ll find that to be most true with our stage, grounds and strolling acts this year,” Jungck said.

The Nebraska State Fair begins August 28 in Grand Island.