The Fun is in the Fair Food

Always one of the top three reasons fairgoers attend the Nebraska State Fair, Fair Food will not disappoint when the gates open on August 28th in Grand Island.

State Fair facilities director, Jaime Parr says, “The favorites will always be at the fair. Funnel cakes, corn dogs, hamburgers, cotton candy and deep fried candy bars, but we look for vendors who want to try new things and this is a banner year.”

Parr said, “Fairgoers will love the Willie Wonka Burger, that’s a seasoned burger with a melted peanut butter cup, smoked cheddar cheese, and jalapeno crisps on a gourmet bun. That’s one of the new offerings from Cactus Jacks along with the Ragin’ Cagun and Tumbleweed Burgers.”

A & J Concessions will feature a couple of pork entrees like Bacon in a Blanket, and Fried Spam on a stick. Parr said the recipe is simple, “You take spam, put it on a stick, dip in in funnel cake batter and deep fry until you reach perfection.”

Hardenbrook’s Concessions will feature a Double Bacon Corndog with Maple Syrup Dipper, or the Jalapeno Cheese Corndog with Nacho Cheese. Westmoreland’s will have the all new Pumpkin Spice Funnel Cake. The list of new items does not stop there.

Parr said. “I talk to a lot of folks who consider themselves “grazers” of fair food. They describe themselves as an individual who attends the state fair every day or at least several days, and eat something new on every trip. No two days are ever the same.”

With over 70 food vendors on the grounds, fairgoers will find the perfect food for their discerning palate from one end of the fairgrounds to the other.

Parr said, “Whether you’re a grazer or a hard core fan of a single food group, the Nebraska State Fair has it all from cold to hot, spicy to mild, and believe it or not, a fresh salad is always an option at the fair.”

“If folks would like to study up on their options for this year’s fair, Parr said, “They can visit and use the keyword search to make their culinary quest ahead of time.”

The Nebraska State Fair begins August 28 in Grand Island.