Jake Owen is Breakin’ the Rules at the Nebraska State Fair

Country entertainer Jake Owen closes the Nebraska State Fair on Sunday, September
6th in the Heartland Events Center. Tickets are available right now at Etix.com and at
the Heartland Events Center Box office for $30 plus gate and fees.

According to Chelsey Jungck, events and entertainment director for the Nebraska State
Fair, “Jake Owen is known to be the guy who became a star so quickly that he didn’t
have much time to memorize any country music rule book – which makes it that much
easier to toss it out the window.

Owen’s musical instinct, a drive for self improvement and a willingness to experiment,
has led to hits like “Barefoot Blue Jean Night”, “Anywhere With You”, “What We Ain’t
Got” and “The One That Got Away”, among others – all wildly popular hits from the artist
who hit the ground running to the top of the country music charts.

Jake Owen admits, “I didn’t have to pay all the dues that other performers have to, you
know, the years of working bars and honkey-tonks hoping to be discovered. My road
was much easier, something that I was ashamed of for awhile, until I realized that my
story is unique, and I’m proud of it.”

Jungck says, “Jake Owen is a great way to cap the 2015 Nebraska State Fair Concert
Series. Here’s a guy who in 2005 was working the Florida bar scene and in ten short
years moved to Nashville, got a contract and began producing hits almost immediately.
That’s the kind of talent and energy you’ll see on the stage at this year’s fair.”

Jake Owen
Sunday, September 6, 2015
Heartland Events Center
$30 plus gate and fees
Available at Etix.com or HEC Box Office