Nebraska State Fair Landscaping Is Starting to Grow

The Nebraska State Fair landscape committee has finalized dates for container and inground
plantings for 2015.

Jaime Parr, facilities director for the Nebraska State Fair says, “We are already
accepting donation commitments which include sun loving annuals and other plants
along with those things to make them grow such as soil, bagged mulch, preen and so
on. We get so many wonderful comments about our plants and flowers at the fair, and
this is how it all begins.”

On Saturday, May 30, from 9am to 1pm, volunteers will plant the containers. Those
wishing to help should check in at the west side of the Swine Barn. Then on Tuesday,
June 9, from 4:30pm to 7:30pm, volunteers will plant in-ground. Those wishing to help
should check in at the Welcome Center on the fairgrounds in Grand Island.

Parr said, “The nice part is that we’ll have gardening mentors who will provide
education, instruction and demonstration to any of our volunteers who are not at ease in
the garden. It’s has been a really fun experience, with everyone pitching in and getting
their hands dirty to create beautiful plant and floral arrangements for the Nebraska State

“Once we get everything planted, then we ask our volunteers to sign up for one week
commitments to check soil moisture, pull and remove weeds, prune and deadhead,
water as needed,” Parr said, “You know, keep an eye on those things that need tending
to throughout the summer—Sign up sheets for plant maintenance will be available at
both plantings.”

The Nebraska State Fair also features a Recycled Garden Display featuring re-used or
up-cycled objects—day-to-day things that would normally not be used as a planter. To
date, fairgoers have seen recycled boots, computers, drawers and yes toilets
transformed by groups, troops and other organizations to use their creativity to make a
difference. Those wishing to participate in the Recycled Garden can find more
information at

Parr said, “The volunteers for our landscaping projects are responsible for all the vibrant
colors of our plants and flowers throughout the fairgrounds. They’re the ones that give
mother natures a little help to have everything if full bloom for the fair.”

The Nebraska State Fair runs from August 28 through September 7 in Grand Island.