Tribute Erected to Honor Volunteers at Nebraska State Fair

The Nebraska State Fair has erected a tribute to volunteers in front of the new Nebraska Building. According to State Fair executive director, Joseph McDermott, “the design of the tribute is both colorful and fun to reflect the attitudes of our volunteers.”

Lindsey Koepke, Nebraska State Fair 1868 Foundation executive director said, “The Foundation was the fundraising arm to raise the nearly $40,000 needed to erect the tribute. It was an easy task given the fact that the Nebraska State Fair volunteers are the example that other fairs and expositions follow in setting up their programs. Our volunteers are first rate.”

Grand Island Chamber of Commerce president, Cindy Johnson said, “As the lead organization of the State Fair Volunteer Program, we’re delighted that the State Fair and Foundation are showing their gratitude with this tribute to the volunteers. The Grand Island community and central Nebraska’s support for the State Fair is demonstrated by their willingness to invest their time to ensure fairgoers have a wonderful experience.  We believe visitors attending the fair will very likely view Grand Island as a place to live, work, shop, attend college, or start a business.”

“We have said from day one, that our volunteers are the greatest, and we think they are deserving of so much more than we can give.” McDermott said, “This tribute will be an everlasting reminder to the good that all volunteerism can do. Our first two inductees will be announced during opening ceremonies beginning at 10am on Friday, August 22.”

On the orange panel of the tribute, individual volunteers who have given 300 hours or more are listed. On the green panel, corporate volunteers, or those companies that volunteer with their staff will be listed. At the top of the tribute is a banner with a quote from Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”