A Gem, an Occasion

Black, cream and green glass tiles brilliantly reflect the white, yellow and orange neon flashing on the marquee at dusk just as it would have 75 years ago after a $900,000 restoration of this 1937 art deco theatre.

The new marquee sign and facade were custom designed to replicate the original theatre. New carpet and the relocation of the ticket booth are also in line with the 1930s structure. Significant changes were made to the snack bar and lobby as well, including restoration of neon lights in the lobby ceiling. The interior of the theatre remains in its immaculate original condition.

Going to the Grand is an event, an occasion.

Going to the Grand is an event, an occasion, where manners are remembered, people wait patiently in line, and conversation and pleasantries are exchanged. There is a sense of community pride and ownership that brings joy to all who enter, whether as a moviegoer, concert attendee or event participant.

Plan your visit to this historic gem today!

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The Grand Theatre

316 W 3rd St